Core Principles



Listening is the most important thing we do. Listening to the patient and understanding what is being said, as well as what isn’t being said, leads to proper diagnosing. Proper diagnosing is paramount to developing a successful and comprehensive treatment plan to reach wellness. Our patients often tell us that nobody has listened to them before and they leave our office feeling heard and confident in their treatment choices.



It’s your body! It’s your life! We are here to help you learn about your illness so that you can make your own choices about your treatment and recovery plan. This can only be done through a spirit of collaboration between the patient and the treatment team. In many cases, we present various options for treatment, explaining the benefits and risk of each one so you can make an informed decision as to how you best feel that we can proceed. We also make sure that you understand that there is a plan A, a plan B, and sometimes a plan C for your treatment so you can leave confident that you and your provider have chosen wisely.

waterskiFocus on Wellness

Getting better is good but it isn’t good enough. We don’t stop until you feel “all the way well.” Most of the time we are successful rather quickly. Sometimes it takes longer. However, we are committed to walking that journey with you and investing the time, research and energy needed to find solutions so you can be “all the way well.”