Our Practices

We’ve defined our role in each patients journey to wellness in three easy words:

Compassionate with Your Story

  • We achieve superior results in part through caring, listening, collaborating and building productive relationships with our patients.

Present in the Moment

  • We are available to our patients through texting and email when patients need us. Prospective patients get initial appointments more quickly than with other providers a wait of days vs. months.

Successful Practices

  • We deliver superior results. Patients move to their highest level of wellness. More than ninety-five percent of our patients achieve a significant improvement in mental health.

Modalities of Treatment

  • Full range of Psychiatric Practices
  • Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Practices
  • Outpatient Alcohol and Drug Treatment (Medicine based)
  • Creative Solutions for Acute Opiate Withdrawal using Vititrol & Naltrexone


When privacy is paramount…

Novo Select is a unique service of Novo Healthcare. Offering totally confidential care to those for whom privacy is a paramount concern.

Novo’s superior level of mental health care:

  • Compassionate with Your Story
  • Present in the Moment
  • Successful Practices

In an atmosphere of complete confidentiality through methods such as coming directly to the patient’s home or office, and setting up dummy files to conceal identities. Our methods are safe and legal, and assure Novo Select patients absolute privacy as we work with them to achieve optimal mental health.

Please contact mandy@novohealthcare.net for any nursing/medical questions. In case of emergency call 911.


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