dark pathWe invite each patient to come with us on a journey from darkness to light.

We’ve defined our role in our patients journey to wellness in three easy words:


We achieve superior results in part through caring, listening, collaborating and building productive relationships with our patients.


We are available to our patients through texting and email when patients need us. Prospective patients get initial appointments more quickly than with other providers – a wait of days vs. months.


We deliver superior results. Patients move to their highest level of wellness. More than ninety-five percent of our patients achieve a significant improvement in mental health.

Modalities of Treatment

  • Full range of psychiatric services.
  • Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Services
  • Outpatient Alcohol and Drug Treatment (Medicine base)
  • Vivitrol Treatment
    • Here at NOVO Healthcare, we specialize in treating addiction along with mental illness. When addiction is present with a psychiatric syndrome, it is called Co-occuring. In these circumstances, it is important to treat the underlying psychiatric problems so that the individual can achieve overall wellness as they move into a lifestyle of recovery. To do this, we often prescribe Vivitrol in conjunction with other psychiatric medications. Vivitrol is a non-narcotic, non-addictive, monthly injection that has been proven to reduce cravings for alcohol, opiates (pain medication), Methadone, Subutex, and Heroin by up to 90%. Patients considering Vivitrol must be completed detoxed form the drug of choice and should call NOVO Healthcare for a consultation to see if Vivitrol is right for them.


In an atmosphere of complete confidentiality through methods such as coming directly to the patient’s home or office, and setting up dummy files to conceal identities. Our methods are safe and legal, and assure Novo Select patients absolute privacy as we work with them to achieve optimal mental health.


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